Edge computing

Context AI develops digital operating system to realize use-cases for artificial intelligence powering responsive enterprise applications by augmenting the cloud with high performance edge computing. Edge computing enables Block-chains and Distributed ledgers for security and data sharing


Our system facilitate AI on the best available enterprise application and IoT platforms today. We enable smart application for large scale IOT deployments using intelligent systems. Smart cities and industries benefit from use cases that go beyond dashboards and simple predictive analytics. To solve problems for Automation using data, We use advanced methods and data transformation to build context. The context enables data sharing and predictive analysis. Security is never an after-thought.


IoT device manufacturers and solution providers that build applications for industries and Smart Cities are our customers. Growth is based on the penetration of IoT applications. We enable intelligence and let our customers concentrate on building usecases for the future.


Our solution enables simplicity with avoidance of out of domain tasks. The IoT device manufacturer focus on developing insights in the data generated. This avoids them from the complexities of implementing solutions to handle and transport the data, and machine learning and modeling environment. We provide a modular solution that enables interoperability and trust. Common problems due to vendor-lock-in and service providers closing shops are avoided with interoperability.